Privacy and complaints


To perform good checkups on pregnant women we must record your administrative and medical data. Besides your own midwives, also trainee midwives and replacement midwives (freelance midwives) that work with us have access to this information. This is necessary to ensure that we can deliver good care to you at all time. The midwives mentioned above also have pledged professional secrecy to protect your data.

We will handle your data very carefully. To do this, we follow rules which have been set legally. These rules have been written down in a document called a 'privacy-rules'. You can view this document at our practice, and get a copy at a small fee. One of the items in the 'privacy-rules' for example is about your right to view the data we have stored about you, and correct any wrong information. If you feel that we are not treating your privacy with the utmost respect, you can file a complaint with us (see next point: Complaints).

New treatment techniques and new therapies are discovered continuously in healthcare. This requires scientific research which uses statistics. It is in public's best interest that patients data can be used for this. Our practice provides this data for scientific research. While doing this, every possible method is being used to ensure your privacy. For example: a researcher will never be able to trace which data comes from which patient. When it is deemed necessary for a specific research to link data to the patients, the researcher must first obtain permission from you to use your data. This is also one of the items written down in the 'privacy-rules'. Nevertheless, if you object us transferring your anonymous data for scientific use, you can inform us of your objection.


We hope you will be very happy with the care we will provide you. If this unexpectedly should not be the case, we would really like to hear from you so we can talk about and hopefully resolve any issues that come up.

If we can not solve the issues together, we want to point out there is also the complaints committee of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Organisatie van Verloskundigen (Royal Dutch Organisation of Midwives). You can contact this committee through the KNOV, Postbus 2001, 3500 GA Utrecht, telephone number 0302823100.